Daily Mind Meld #1

So having gone buggy from Covid restrictions we published a book of brain teasers, math and word riddles … that we’re going to share with you.

Code Breaking, Phone Cipher — Level: Easy

The below famous saying is encrypted using the phone code where each letter is represented by the numeral on the keypad along with its relative position in the number set — for example the latter “A” becomes “21”, while the latter “V” becomes “83”:

“21 62 21 71 71 53 32 21 31 21 93 52 32 32 71 74 81 42 32 31 63 23 81 63 73 21 91 21 93”

P.S. the book is for sale on Amazon as an eBook (soon to be a paperback) and there are freebie days from time to time, link is in the Profile.



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